Filters for irrigation

Filters for irrigation

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What's this

Water filtration takes place through a filter that allows the system to function properly. There are several models on the market, each with specific characteristics that distinguish it from the others. Often the impurities present in the water can compromise the functioning of the sprinklers. The filter is connected to a pump, it is essential to wash and clean this system to ensure correct operation. Let's now analyze the different filter models: vortex separators are used for well water because they are able to separate the traces of sand. The filters retain the solid inorganic particles present in the water, and the dirt is retained through a small net that can also be plastic. The filter must be chosen of the right size for the water flow. There are two pressure gauges, one at the inlet and one at the outlet, to check the pressure. Some filters perform the backwashing operation automatically, in this case they can be equipped with an automation system or not. Sand filtration removes organic particles and debris, and is useful when used for irrigation with surface water such as rivers. The time required to clean the filter varies according to some elements: the volume of water and the time of pressure exerted on the filter. Furthermore, the filter is able to remove iron and manganese residues by stirring the water. These two elements, in fact, can cause a coloration of the water. It is always essential to apply a filter even when water is to be used for irrigation. In this case, we refer to both agricultural irrigation and the irrigation system created for the garden. Usually, when the irrigation system is created, the filter is applied directly, but if you have a course available that you decide to use to irrigate the fields, remember to connect the filter before using it. The filtering system is also applied when the water from the well will be used for sanitary purposes in a home.


Each filter has specific characteristics that make it particularly suitable for filtering certain waters. When it is not about drinking water, you should always worry about choosing the filter before starting to use it. The filter must be purchased of the appropriate size in relation to the water flow rate, because a filter that is too small would not be able to equalize an excessive quantity and therefore a part of it would certainly remain dirty. Even when the water from the well is used to fill the pool, the filter must be present otherwise after a few days, despite the presence of chlorine, you will notice a change in the color of the water.

Where to buy

The filter can be purchased from gardening and do-it-yourself shops, so those who personally build an irrigation system will also have to go here to purchase all the other necessary items. In the shop there are different models of filters, it will be up to the customer to identify the one that is most suitable for his needs. You can of course ask the dealer for advice. On the internet, to purchase the filter directly online, you need to go to sites specializing in gardening and look for the most suitable model. Once received at home, you must check that it works correctly and, if you notice a problem, you must send it back. The filter usually guarantees a good duration over time, so it is always advisable to buy a good quality one. A periodic check and check allow to always keep under control the good functioning of the filter and if the customer should verify a color change in the water, he must immediately intervene because certainly the filter is not performing its correct function.

Filters for irrigation: Costs

The cost of a filter depends on the model chosen. It is always advisable to prefer a good quality filter that can last a long time and above all that is adequate for the flow of water that must filter. To know the costs in detail, you must go directly to the point of sale to choose the one that has the characteristics relating to the filtering of the water to be used. Those who surf the internet will also be able to compare the costs in the store with those on the net and check where the purchase could be more convenient.


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